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How to get involved?

One of our greatest joy is to receive people who love Jesus, who hunger for God’s presence, and who like to serve!

As staff member or volunteer for YWAM, none of us are employed by Youth With A Mission. We live by faith, and each one is responsible for his/her financial support. This can come from your friends or your family members who wish to sponsor you, from a church or a mission organization, etc.

At Youth with A Mission Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux, there are many opportunities to serve as a full-time staff member, short or long term or as a volunteer.

If you want to be a staff member and you can commit for more than  6 months, you must have completed a Discipleship Training School.
But you can also come for a shorter period of time as a volunteer. This is an excellent opportunity to learn about Youth With A Mission and its values, to grow in your relationship with God while serving.

Our operation requires flexibility, as we are rarely involved in just one ministry. It is a very rich experience and a chance to learn lots of new things!

Does one or more areas listed below interest you?

Our opportunities


Maybe you are a chef or you desire to become one and want to learn to cook.
You can imagine how this area is crucial! Our kitchen does not necessarily work throughout the whole year, but mainly during the Discipleship Training Schools and different events!

Events, seminars, camp, youth group.

Events, seminars, camp, youth group.
Training is part of our vision! It is a means by which we bless those around us! The possibilities of organizing  mini-training programs or seminars are endless!

Staffing a DTS

Staffing a DTS
Your DTS has been a springboard for you and you have the heart to see other young people having the same experience. So join us as staff! This is the perfect place to grow in leadership and face new challenges!


You will be able to express your creativity through designing promotional videos and fliers, updating the website, Facebook page and newsletters.


At YWAM St. Paul, as you can see under the tab “Hospitality” we love to receive people. We want to host our guests with creativity and maintain pleasant accommodations  for our team members and our visitors! We want every person to feel loved and go home with an unforgettable memory of his/her visit to St. Paul!


Do you have a heart for taking care of God’s beautiful creation? Would you like to create and maintain open space for others to enjoy the presence of God? Do you have a desire to cultivate the ground, raising fruits and vegetables to share with others? Come and join us at YWAM Provence! We have a heart for using the land that God has given us in the ministry of hospitality.

Coaching/mentoring team members - pastoral heart

Coaching/mentoring team members – pastoral heart
It is so easy to get trapped by activity! We need one or two people who have a heart to encourage their team members, to take a few steps with them, to have a sympathetic ear and help them develop their potential and making sure that we cultivate life in our team .


There are many other areas in which you can work with us. Do no hesitate to contact us and we will discover together what would work best for you!

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Thank you for contacting us and making us aware of your area of interest.

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