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September 22, 2024 to March 8 2025

We would love to welcome you!

Do you have a heart to know God more personally through your own experience? Do you want to practically live out the gospel and see God’s love touch those around you? If you have answered yes to either of those questions this Metamorphosis DTS is for you!

A DTS (Disciple training school) is a time set apart for God to let Him captivate your heart and to give you a new passion for Him and His kingdom. It is an intensive residential training course involving 3 months of teaching and 2 months of outreach.

This school will be a bilingual school, learning together in both French and English.

This DTS emphasizes knowing and being transformed by God. We have a heart to deeply know God and make him known to the nations. Our goal is to walk alongside students and see them be transformed by the unconditional love of God.

It also gives you an opportunity to discover your passions and your part in God’s purposes for the world. It is for those who long to follow Jesus in new ways with a different perspective.

“We proclaim to you what we ourselves have actually seen and heard so that you may have fellowship with us. And our fellowship is with the Father and with his Son, Jesus Christ” 1 John 1:3

Lecture phase

The times of teaching are what we call the lecture phase, this time will be based in the picturesque town of Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux, France.

Each week students will have the opportunity to attend classes touching on a specific spiritual subject. The courses are taught by different speakers from different cultural backgrounds who have both knowledge and experience in their specific field of teaching.

Weekly topics include: Intimacy with God, The Holy Spirit, The Bible, Hearing the Voice of God, the Father’s heart, Mission, Evangelization, Gods Calling, etc.

Lecture phase also includes:

-Intercession times and worship times throughout the week.
-Workshops to prepare for evangelism (preaching, song, mime, dance, puppets, etc.).
-Times of personal study: reading, journaling, research.
-Practical tasks: cleaning/housework, taking part in some practical activities at the YWAM base.
-Personal times (one-on- one) with a staff member or with the speaker of the week.
-Small group to reflect on what God is doing and to learn to minister to each other.
-Personal times with God.

You can find the regular DTS curriculum at

Outreach phase

During the DTS outreach phase, you will join with others to take the message and love of God to France and/or across the world. You will learn about the diversity of cultures and will participate in God’s purposes for the places you visit. The outreach phase will give you the chance to apply the principles you have learned during your lectures.
You can put all of your new perspective into action by sharing God’s truth in different places.

Your Outreach Location


Though the outreach location has not yet been determined, here at YWAM Provence we have a heart for France and North Africa. As always we continue to seek the Lord for His direction in our preparations.





God is calling this DTS to be a blessing for the nations
in a very specific and unique way!

What they said !

  • The DTS has changed many things in my life. First of all, I learnt how to know God and now I have a personal relationship with Him. During this time God has freed me from many wounds that I had received in the past. During this school I really felt the love of God, His joy, I knew that He was with me but most of all I felt accepted. During the training there were many challenges and difficulties (but God was there!) but it was through these tests  that I was able to grow both personally and spiritually. Throughout the school I truly felt the love and the faithfulness of God !

    Christelle Mougin – France
    Christelle Mougin – France
  • Overall DTS changed, challenged and encouraged me greatly in my walk with God. Hearing His voice became normal and regular instead of rare and surprising. God has given me a boldness and fire to share the gospel with people and I am so thankful for His leading and faithfulness, glory be to God!

    Peter Starr – USA
    Peter Starr – USA
  • During my DTS God fully met my expectations. For me it was a great school of trusting God. Developing my trust in God has had an impact on many areas of my life. Of course, it has incredibly changed my relationship with him, but it has also influenced the way that I perceive myself and my relationships with other people. I truly believe that whatever God calls me to, with His help, I will have whatever it takes to accomplish it.

    Kamila Zielinska – Poland
    Kamila Zielinska – Poland
  • DTS was the best five months of my life. The lovely community lifestyle combined with the beautiful Provence country side made it an incredible place to learn and rest in God.

    Charlie Chudley - England
    Charlie Chudley - England
  • The DTS in St. Paul was a very special time for me. My relationship with God has deepened through teachings, times of prayer, praise and sharing. I really enjoyed this time apart, right after I graduated. The opportunity to go deeper with God, grow, experience healing and develop wonderful friendships. It was time for me to move forward in my life, in a consecration to God. I particularly liked the place, very quiet and soothing... walks with God were beautiful moments. In YWAM Provence, I felt surrounded, welcomed and accompanied with a lot of love...!

    Aude Richard - Switzerland
    Aude Richard - Switzerland
  • God used this EFD to soften me: He received me in a cocoon full of gentleness and rooted me in His Father's heart; He received me with all my intelligence, my reflection, my reasoning and taught me to seek the voice of the Spirit. He also made me see other facets of His Kingdom and strengthened my motivation to get involved!

    Lucie Regard - France
    Lucie Regard - France
  • I had a thirst to know God, to discern His voice and to learn to walk daily with Him. I was led by Him to this place to find what spoke not to my intellect but my heart. This time of training has literally changed my life: how I see my past, my identity and and my relationship with Him were transformed.

    Gabrielle - France
    Gabrielle - France

Essential information

Date :
The next Discipleship Training School will be September 22, 2024 to March 8, 2025

Price :
Lecture Phase 2500€

Outreach Phase 2500-3000€


Includes all lectures/training, meals, accommodation & DTS related travel

How to apply ?
You can start the process by clicking the button to download the application pack.

How to make a payment ;

Bank transfer
-Bank cheque
-Payment through PayPal
-Payment through credit card

You will find all the information on our payment page. Just click on the button below.

If you have any questions regarding the DTS please do not hesitate to ask. Simply use the form on the ‘Contact Us’ page putting DTS in the subject line.

Our postal address is :
Jeunesse en Mission
550 Chemin des Belles Jeannes
26130, St Paul-Trois-Châteaux

Phone number : +33 (0)4 75 96 79 40


DTS is the prerequisite for not only becoming YWAM staff, but also for YWAM’s second-level training. Most DTSes are registered with YWAM’s University of the Nations.


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