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A new page has opened for YWAM St-Paul-Trois Chateaux!
We are touched by the promises of God and by his words.

The center of YWAM is an old Provencal farm house that we call Le Mas. It is situated in 13 acres of terraced land on a wooded hillside on the edge of our town. On this property you also find some temporary housing-old camping trailers that need to be replaced.


We desire to replace this housing with something more welcoming, comfortable and permanent.





Financial goals

  • Objectifs 5 chalets
  • Déja atteint = 5 chalets

A place with a unique vocation!

Le Mas YWAM is a place God has chosen to form generations of disciples who will walk in His ways and develop a passion for Jesus! We desire to honor the gift of God and develop an infrastructure that can be faithful to the vocation He gave us.

The project is to install small chalets (cabins) that are each made up of 3 spaces on the ground floor plus a loft that gives the flexibility that we need in a place like Le Mas.

The cost of a chalet including the installation and the furniture is $11,185.
Each gift given results in a small piece of a chalet and its installation!

As we were praying to go to YWAM St-Paul, God reminded us of this chalet project. He told us that He will send a staff team and the young people with a desire to be trained for His mission, but it is time for us to prepare the space to welcome those that He will send.




Do you want to build with us?

Different ways you can support the project:

Bank Transfer :

Bank name : Crédit agricole, Sud Rhône-Alpes
Branch : St Paul-Trois-Châteaux
Bank Code : 13906
Guichet Code : 00139
Account Number : 20677421000
RIB key : 40

IBAN Number : FR76 1390 6001 3920 6774 2100 040


Address :
550 Chemin des Belles Jeannes
26130, St Paul-Trois-Châteaux

Paypal :
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The team of YWAM Saint-Paul-Trois-Chateaux thanks you!



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