The Father’s heart of God

In week five of our Disciples Training School, we had the great privilege of being taught by Marie Jaffrain about the great subject of the Father’s Heart. 12 years ago, Marie did his discipleship school at YWAM Provence and now, she’s working as part of the team of the current DTS. She made a lot of experiences in her christian life and all of us could feel that she already received plenty of inner healing from God through her life. For that reason, we had an easy access to her teachings because those teachings were really personal, emotional and especially credible. For example, she talked about the different blockages in our lives which hinder us to feel and receive the perfect love of God and also about the different aspects of the paternal and maternal love of God. We also had a time of sharing where we could tell what God is doing or speaking through this week at the moment. Thank you very much Marie for everything you’ve given to us this week.

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